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Savings Accounts

Maintain $2,500.00 minimum balance and earn market rate. Interest rate compounded monthly. Rates may change weekly. Should your balance drop below $2500 there would be a $5.00 service fee for the month. This account has a tiered rate structure, contact account representative for details.

You may deposit or withdraw from this account at any time. A minimum balance of $50.00 is required. If your balance drops below the minimum at any time, there would be a $1.00 service fee for the month. Interest is compounded on statement cycle.

A minimum of $5.00 is required. Should the balance fall below $5.00 there would be a $1.00 service fee for the month. Minimum withdrawals of $5.00. To be eligible for this account a person must be under the age of 18. Once the individual reaches 18, the account will convert to a statement savings account. Interest is compounded on statement cycle.

A Health Savings Account is a special savings plan authorized by the federal government exclusively for the purposes of paying the qualified medical expenses of the HSA owner, spouse and dependents. To be eligible for a Health Savings Account, you must be covered by a High Deductible Health Plan. Maintain $100.00 minimum balance and earn current rate. Interest is compounded monthly. The rates may change daily. If your balance falls below $100.00 on any day in the month, your account will be subject to a $1.00 service charge for the month. We impose a $5.00 closing fee. We charge $5.00 for additional 5498 forms for each beneficiary.

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Savings Calculator

Use the following calculator to figure out how much you can save by investing a certain amount of money in savings, or by putting aside a certain amount per month, or both.

Initial Investment:
How much will you invest per month?
How many months/years will you invest this amount?
Interest rate: %

At this rate, you will accumulate: